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SIX IN THE HEAD - The Tabletop Gaming Magazine Nobody Asked For (10.6 MB)

OK so it took a while... There's this whole pandemic thing going on... But SIX IN THE HEAD #3 HAS FINALLY LANDED! 

We hear from 20 names in the hobby and tabletop community about how they have found their time in HOBBY LOCKDOWN. 

SHAGGY WARGAMING gives his take on whether the new Games Workshop gateway game SPACE MARINE ADVENTURES is worth a punt. KRISTIAN REEVES returns with a fantastic-looking MIMIC PAINTING GUIDE. ROTGUT THE HALF ORC in Queenstown, New Zealand writes about running your own event. We 'Learn To Play' WARHAMMER UNDERWORLDS: BEASTGRAVE over video call with mixed results... 

Artist NILS-B FROHN talks us through his latest hobby project. Andy from the mighty TQ ZINE writes on GAMES AS A DIVERSION FROM A CRISIS and there's a handy SIX IN THE HEAD GUIDE TO HOBBY ESSENTIALS as well as all the usual guff.

On the music end of things, we have CULTMETALFLIX with some recommendations to improve your tabletop gaming experience as well as interviews with lo-fi Merseyside legend BRIAN BORDELLO, the much-needed ambient duo WONDERFUL BEASTS and nihilistic black metal magic from NYC's own AFTERPERCEPTION.

Not sure how we got this one out but we did. And it's ACE.

40 pages of unique hobby content and humour that you won't find anywhere else.

Issue four coming in June. Thank you so much for the support.

Stay SIX x

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