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SIX IN THE HEAD - The Tabletop Gaming Magazine Nobody Asked For (14.2 MB)

In the new and improved issue of SIX IN THE HEAD find out how YOU can start hobbying in 2020, read an exclusive interview on WarCry and more with rising YouTube channel RED ROSE WARGAMING, discover whether the new Games Workshop magazine MORTAL REALMS is for you with SHAGGY WARGAMING, delve into fantastic hobby tutorials by KRISTIAN REEVES and BROKEN BRUSH GAMING and so much more! Download and read on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Possibly read it on your television. Do people do that? Dunno.

Kings of War!  Burrows & Badgers! Gaslands Refulled! Assorted nonsense! Plus the regular smattering of music content featuring kvlt underground metal label WAR PRODUCTIONS, "horror synth" maestro WEREWOLVES IN SIBERIA and a minty fresh interview with the King of the Polos and Ireland's Greatest Pop Star CRAIC BOI MENTAL!

You really don't want to miss this one... 52 pages of unique hobby content and humour that you won't find anywhere else. What are you waiting for?

We'll be back for issue three in April. Until then... Stay SIX IN THE HEAD x

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